“I’d recommend Bizarre Thailand to anyone who wants a new perspective about Thai cultural elements that have made and continue to make Thailand unique and amazing. Algie has taken his journalistic instincts inside the half-concealed enclaves, which shields the most interesting people and has used his literary skills to reveal their complexity. He takes the reader along for a memorable, authentic, and exciting journey into the heart and soul of Thailand.” — Christopher G Moore

Renowned Bangkok novelist Christopher G Moore has posted an excellent review of Bizarre Thailand on his blog, complimenting the book, and Jim, for drawing out fascinating and under-reported aspects of Thai life and culture.

As he said: “My first impression was this would be a book that you would dip into. That wasn’t the case for me. I read this collection of articles from cover to cover with admiration for the way Algie was able to keep my concentration and focus on subjects that I thought that I knew inside out.”

Thanks Chris. You can read the full review here on his site.