On the night Joey Ramone Died

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of punk in 2016, these two interconected novellas riff on rock ‘n’ punk history, literature, and the author’s own experiences as a musician, in a book that’s also an obituary for the Ramones’ lead singer.

Thailand’s Sustainable Development Sourcebook

This 416-page hardback provides an incredible array of information, ideas and inspiration through more than 60 succinct articles

The Phantom Lover

Dark magic and dark pasts haunt the characters in these short stories set in mysterious, exotic Thailand.

Bizarre Thailand

Welcome to a twilight zone where travellers become soldiers and cowboys, a black magician courts politicians and film stars, sacred tortoises mate on the streets of a small town, and Fertility Goddesses are wooed with massive phalluses.

Travel Pack Thailand

The only guide you’ll need for getting around Thailand! Everything you need is in this one convenient travel guide—including a large pull-out map!

Americans In Thailand

Who knew that the first-ever surgery in Thailand was completed by an American missionary, or that a young Thai man traveled across the globe to don a Union uniform, fight in the American Civil War, and return to Thailand as an American citizens.

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