Thailand’s Sustainable Development Sourcebook

This timely and topical book showcases Thailand’s involvement in what many believe is the most important movement of recent times: the quest for sustainable development. Covering key challenges, ongoing efforts and potential solutions. Thailand’s Sustainable Development Sourcebook provides an incredible array of information, ideas and inspiration through more than 60 articles on the subject, written by 25 experts in their respective fields. Jim Algie served as the main editor and writer on the project. Nicholas Grossman and Apiradee Treerukuarkul supplied additional words and edits.

Released to coincide with the launch of the United Nations’ Post-2015 Development Agenda, this 416-page tome, lavishly illustrated with photos and infographics, tackles some of the most important issues facing the country today, from education and corruption to energy, agriculture, forestry, culture, water management, disaster risk reduction and mitigating the ravages of climate change.

“Now there’s a tremendously helpful book for those who either don’t understand the concept or aren’t sure how to apply it in life. This sourcebook distils the key elements, defines the issues at stake and provides dozens of examples of businesses that are making the notion work, often in surprising and inspiring ways.”
– Kupluthai Pungkanon, The Nation

“Over 70 experts from various fields contributed to the book, writing on subjects ranging from income equality to education, from community participation to poverty eradication – all under the theme of long-term sustainability of society.”
– Institute for Sustainable Leadership

“Editions Didier Millet, the publisher of some of the most successful books on Thailand and Asia, has just published an important new title called Thailand’s Sustainable Development Sourcebook that defines the issues at stake and provides examples of solutions in one go-to, informative guide.”
– The Bangkok Post

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