On the Night Joey Ramone Died

The expanded edition of the book for 2018 features a non-fiction section of “Rock Writings and Musical Memoirs” containing real-life encounters with rock stars from Eddie Vedder to Joe Strummer, the Pixies, Soundgarden and Leonard Cohen, as well as a front-cover blurb from the acclaimed author and hit songwriter Timothy Hallinan: “The funniest sad book and the saddest funny book I’ve read in a long time.”


The main two novellas orbit around a fallen, middle-aged rock star coming to grips with his life on the night Joey Ramone died. Born on an American military base in Thailand and coming of age during what Francis Ford Coppolla called “the first rock and roll war,” the Thai musician has to confront his demons of addiction, his poisonous divorce, his deteriorating relationship with his musician son (named after Dee Dee Ramone) and his new career as a boy band producer, while he begins his journey on the rocky road to making a comeback.
In the new bonus section of non-fiction, the author writes about his own experiences in the music biz as the so-called “Keith Richards of the bass guitar” and a selection of his music writings on everything from interviewing Ice-T in Bangkok about gangsta rap to the 40th anniversary of punk, including his interviews with Steve Diggle of the Buzzcocks and Captain Sensible of the Damned.

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