On the Night Joey Ramone Died

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of punk in 2016, these two interconected novellas riff on rock ‘n’ punk history, literature, and the author’s own experiences as a musician, in a book that’s also an obituary for the Ramones’ lead singer, a tribute to The Clash and Cannibal Corpse, a dark and comedic love story, as well as a cautionary tale about living the musical high life, set in Bangkok, New York, Cambodia and Norway.


Just like Lek, who finds himself at a turning point in his life and music career “On the Night Joey Ramone Died.” Once a rock ‘n’ punk star, he is now a pop producer on the verge of a mid-life catastrophe. Separated from his wife in a poisonous divorce, and estranged from his teenaged son, he reflects on his career in the music business and the history of punk as he tries to get his life back on track. 
In the second interconnected novella, “The Genocide Girls and Boys,” he meets a younger woman from Norway who has a fascination with extreme metal and the Cambodian genocide, and who inspires him to start working on a comeback album. Smart, pretty and deeply troubled, Edana will push both his creative and self-destructive streaks to the brink.”

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